Fiber Optic Sensing Systems


The fiber optic sensing cables can detect and locate any kind of intrusion (cutting the wires/ tensioning the wires …) and it can be applied and installed on any kind of fencing systems or for marine security and can be easily connected to the CCTV systems


Around Any hot and critical area such as:

  • Around Power Plants.
  • Around Airport Area.
  • Military and Defense Facilities Area.
  • Around Border Guard Gate.

Please download PDF Brochure for details

  • Zero nuisance alarm being immune to environmental effects
  • 100% foolproof detection of intrusion
  • Pinpoint the intrusion spot with ±15m (±3m possible)
  • Unlimitedly applicable to fence, wall, gate, drainage, buried, underwater etc.
  • Negligible Maintenance
  • Locate intrusion spot with ± 25m error
  • Environment Proof
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