Electrical Fence Systems


The system is designed as such way that the maximum allowable amount of energy is available. This is achieved by selecting a low resistance type conductor and by selecting the correct amount of energizers. The aggressive look of the structure and the inherent human fear of electricity fulfill both the deter and delay elements.


  • Aluminum wire with 2.2mm dia.
  • Line posts, normally angle steel shape. 3M spacing
  • Straining post normally SHS 100x4mm with plastic tensioners. Installed at 75-100 LM.
  • Plastic Isolators at every post for every line wire.
  • HT cables to connect the system. The Energizer features a patented zoning principle. And powers the fence from both ends (beginning & end).
  • The main advantage of this type of energizers is that should the live wire be cut then the whole fence still be live (unlike systems which use the “live out-return principle”.
  • PC for monitoring the system from the control / security room.
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